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GIVI OBK58A Outback Silver Top Case 58 Liter

I am trying to find the best top case for my beloved Yamaha FJ1200A and amongst many others, the Outback Trekker (OBK58A) is the first case from GIVI made entirely of aluminum. Outback Trekker has all the features to give a comfortable driving experience and an unprecedented ease of use. They are designed with excellent resistance to shocks and the stresses of driving.

givi obk58a

The Trekker Outback ensures safety, comfort and great practicality. A single key operates the systems for opening and closing of the case as well as the mechanism for hooking and unhooking them from the motorcycle. The Trekker Outback Top Case does not require any special rack, and it can be attached on any existing Monokey plate.

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The flat lid and four strap loops are standard equipment on Outback Trekker cases, and offer the possibility to store objects on the top of the lid, while inside it is possible to secure items to the underside of the lid with an elastic net (sold separately) which can be secured with existing hooks. Among the standard features is a mat made in soft material, which placed on the bottom of the case will absorb shock transmitted during riding.


  • Holds one full face or modular helmet
  • Security lock
  • Aluminum construction
  • Dimensions: 555mm W x 323mm H x 454mm L
  • Capacity: 58 liters
  • Max load: 10 kg

givi 58bka

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The GIVI OBK58A or in other words the GIVI Outback Trekker aluminium case exceeds expectations by all means, It is a sturdy, well designed, beautifully crafted top case with great usability. I highly recommend for those looking for the best aluminium top case for motorcycles or the highest quality motorbike case available.

GIVI OBK58A Outback Trekker Top Case











  • Aluminium case
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Modern design
  • Top quality
  • Spacious


  • A bit pricey
  • Becomes hot when on the sun all day long