GIVI B33 Top Case

Honestly, I just wanted a place to lock my full-face helmet. Check. I wanted a trunk that kept the sporty looks of my FJ intact, but would still carry my everyday work items. Check. And, I wanted something that felt sturdy and was easy to get on and off. Check. The GIVI B33 is a great little trunk. If you have a nice bike, need to lock/carry some stuff out of the wind and rain, and don’t want to ruin the looks of your machine, you’ve found it here. Lastly, the rack looks fine without the trunk attached. No need to grab a wrench every time you go trunkless.


The GIVI B33 is bigger than it appears. Because of it’s design it looks almost too small to carry much of anything. Not so, it’s HUGE! I stuffed almost a weeks worth of groceries into this thing and closed the lid. I could not believe it! If your looking for a moderately priced box that is of a ‘good size’ and very well designed, than don’t miss on this model. The B33 is bigger than it looks and still has that GIVI quality you have come to expect.


Not the largest or smallest tail bag in the Givi lineup, the B33 Top Case is instead a nice balance of carrying capacity and physical size. Able to fit a full size helmet inside, the B33 makes for a nice case for daily and weekend rides. Able to lock, unlock and detach all with one key, the B33 is incredibly simple to use. Not overly large and very convenient, this Givi top case makes for a great choice on street and sport touring bikes. I would recommend this to my friends.

  • 33 liters of spacious storage capacity
  • Modern, stylish and compact trunk
  • Patented locking system that enables the opening/detaching of the case with a single key
  • ABS and polypropylene construction
  • One helmet capacity
  • Mounting hardware sold separately


Givi B33


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These include ladoo, milk kheer, kolakattai and many others. When performing Ganesh pooja there are certain items that must be presnt. Local forums are a goldmine for information. Remember you are a newbie so do not be too demanding in your posts. Use some common sense and have some respect..Your goal in the conversation must not be to get your raise; it must be to get a fair and reasonable outcome. Put differently, your goal must be to come to a common understanding of where you and your boss stand. If that is your motive, you will approach this as dialogue rather than monologue..

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Web indexes list substance of destinations to have the capacity to demonstrate to them on list items.The simplest form of life insurance, and also the least expensive, is term life insurance which pays out only on your death. You can normally purchase term life insurance for as little as one year or for up to 30 years and the policy will only pay out if you die before the policy reaches its end date. You might consider purchasing term life insurance later in life or when you feel that your life is likely to be at greater risk over a short period of time for some reason..Clever as chimps: Astounding footage shows grouper fish. Disgusting video shows cruel pranksters paying a homeless. Violent anti Trump protests erupt on the streets of. A stair way lift is a device for transporting people and heavy luggage up down the stairs. Some times a rail lift is also use for this purpose. Chairs are attached with this rail.This is one of the most important things that you will ever do. 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