GIVI B33 Top Case

Honestly, I just wanted a place to lock my full-face helmet. Check. I wanted a trunk that kept the sporty looks of my FJ intact, but would still carry my everyday work items. Check. And, I wanted something that felt sturdy and was easy to get on and off. Check. The GIVI B33 is a great little trunk. If you have a nice bike, need to lock/carry some stuff out of the wind and rain, and don’t want to ruin the looks of your machine, you’ve found it here. Lastly, the rack looks fine without the trunk attached. No need to grab a wrench every time you go trunkless.


The GIVI B33 is bigger than it appears. Because of it’s design it looks almost too small to carry much of anything. Not so, it’s HUGE! I stuffed almost a weeks worth of groceries into this thing and closed the lid. I could not believe it! If your looking for a moderately priced box that is of a ‘good size’ and very well designed, than don’t miss on this model. The B33 is bigger than it looks and still has that GIVI quality you have come to expect.


Not the largest or smallest tail bag in the Givi lineup, the B33 Top Case is instead a nice balance of carrying capacity and physical size. Able to fit a full size helmet inside, the B33 makes for a nice case for daily and weekend rides. Able to lock, unlock and detach all with one key, the B33 is incredibly simple to use. Not overly large and very convenient, this Givi top case makes for a great choice on street and sport touring bikes. I would recommend this to my friends.

  • 33 liters of spacious storage capacity
  • Modern, stylish and compact trunk
  • Patented locking system that enables the opening/detaching of the case with a single key
  • ABS and polypropylene construction
  • One helmet capacity
  • Mounting hardware sold separately


Givi B33


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givi 58bka

GIVI OBK58A Outback Silver Top Case 58 Liter

I am trying to find the best top case for my beloved Yamaha FJ1200A and amongst many others, the Outback Trekker (OBK58A) is the first case from GIVI made entirely of aluminum. Outback Trekker has all the features to give a comfortable driving experience and an unprecedented ease of use. They are designed with excellent resistance to shocks and the stresses of driving.

givi obk58a

The Trekker Outback ensures safety, comfort and great practicality. A single key operates the systems for opening and closing of the case as well as the mechanism for hooking and unhooking them from the motorcycle. The Trekker Outback Top Case does not require any special rack, and it can be attached on any existing Monokey plate.

givi outback

The flat lid and four strap loops are standard equipment on Outback Trekker cases, and offer the possibility to store objects on the top of the lid, while inside it is possible to secure items to the underside of the lid with an elastic net (sold separately) which can be secured with existing hooks. Among the standard features is a mat made in soft material, which placed on the bottom of the case will absorb shock transmitted during riding.


  • Holds one full face or modular helmet
  • Security lock
  • Aluminum construction
  • Dimensions: 555mm W x 323mm H x 454mm L
  • Capacity: 58 liters
  • Max load: 10 kg

givi 58bka

givi rating


The GIVI OBK58A or in other words the GIVI Outback Trekker aluminium case exceeds expectations by all means, It is a sturdy, well designed, beautifully crafted top case with great usability. I highly recommend for those looking for the best aluminium top case for motorcycles or the highest quality motorbike case available.

Givi Trekker Side & Top Case

I’ve been a fan of Givi cases for many years. The first set I used on three bikes—I sold them with the third bike—and the second set is currently on its fourth bike. I like their sturdiness, and the ease with which they can be attached or removed from the bike.  The new Trekker cases solve problems in a clever way, without compromising the basic goodness they inherit from the earlier cases.


Most of Givi’s cases have a utilitarian look to them, but the Trekkers look a lot like the cases that come on high-buck European adventure bikes like BMWs and KTMs. When you open them you almost expect to find a handful of Kalahari sand in the bottom. They’re made of the same tough polypropylene material as Givi’s other cases, with aluminum accents. But the real news is in the lid design.

The Trekkers have a two-way lid that can be opened like a conventional side case in one mode. But inside each case is a pair of levers that you can use to convert the side-opening case into a top-opening case. This is particularly handy if you’re a packrat like me, and you’re tired of having to pick the contents of your overstuffed case off the ground every time you open it to look for something. With the cases in their top-opening configuration, I can drop things into them without having to jam other things back in place before closing the lid.

Good stuff. Well put together. Easy to install with the additional plate that attaches to a luggage rack, which is also separate. Nice size for me.

Givi WP400 Weatherproof Roll Bag

Let me tell you one thing! If you know quality motorcycle bags, you know Givi. The GIVI Weatherproof WP400 Roll Bag is an expedition quality bag and seals like a water tight kayak bag. Are you not already into it?

It seems you never have enough space on a motorcycle but this bag is well designed and roomy. Going on a day trip? OK! Going to hit the roads for a couple of days? OK! You could put all your clothes in this bag and it is very easy to tie down so just detach it anytime you want with so much ease. As a special addition the WP400 have all the required reflective spots which are very bright too. To be honest the material feels a little lighter than I anticipated but it is very tough and that makes the bag as light as it is possible. The GIVI WP400 Measures about 12 inches X 18 inch X 12 inch tall when sealed. Very high quality bag, highly recommended!

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And you will be totally fascinated.. We all remember back twenty, thirty years ago of having to spend a night somewhere on a pull out sofa bed, sofa sleeper or davenport sofa bed. Thin innerspring mattress, hard metal bars in your back and generally not a very good night’s sleep. You’d be surprised by how many of these sofa sleepers still exist today and see daily use.The point here is not to suggest that the moves by GoDaddy and Host Europe Group are necessarily poor business decisions. Unfortunately I don’t have access to enough data to say either way, though it does raise the point that it would be useful if someone could do a full analysis on how well or poorly acquisitions of email marketing vendors by hosts have done thus far. Rather it seems that these acquisitions are moves guided by fear and lacking the innovation that is needed to increase their long term survivability and growth..The sport spirit is the successful role of the jogging meaning. As long as people build accurate aim, you will easily change the sport to become the part of daily life. And a lot of people want to lose weight by running. Outdoor awnings and blonds can bring a huge transformation in terms of looks, functionality and visual appeal of any structure. However, people tend to avoid buying them as a matter of fact that the buying process is really confusing because of the availability of a whole myriad of fabrics. To make sure that the buying process is really easy and what you bought is what you need, you need to follow these simple tips discussed in this post..Communication Sometimes people criticize their spouse behavior, personality, or even feelings. Examples include saying, always so sensitive, or never help out around the house. Critical communication attacks the other person with an accusation. Dakshinayana ( the Southern Progress of the Sun ) involve the six solar sidereal months from Cancer to Capricorn. This phase is known as Visarga Kala , as this is a period which augments physical strength. Bittergourd, gooseberry, chilli, wheat, honey, rice and vegetables can be taken in during this period.Out here, it is a fantastic combination of entertainment and treatment. Panama health tourism packages offer wonderful treatment opportunities by arranging tours along with significant medical quests like surgeries and operations. This Central American country has all picturesque beauty, cultural affluence and expansion in the field of technology.Beth has experienced this slut suspicion as well: As much as guys fantasize about wanting a girl who swings both ways, I think a lot of them get nervous when they’re confronted with the reality. Most people view female sexuality as somewhat malleable to begin with, so couple that with just the normal weird shit that women sometimes do like smacking each other on the ass, and they start viewing every woman as a threat. There’s this sort of insecurity that because you can enjoy sex with either gender, then you have to enjoy sex with either gender.This sleep program is based on proven technology and has proven to be quite effective in helping insomniacs deal with their problems. Of course, you may find it a ‘tad’ difficult to believe that an audio course can help provide an answer matthew tkachuk youth jersey for your restless nights. But that is a fact and you need not look far for proof than the latest earth shattering speech from ‘politics unplugged’.Si desea ver una sonrisa en su ser querido la cara cuando reciben un regalo de usted y, a continuacin, navegando a travs de la siguiente Navidad regalos podran ayudarle. La temporada festiva es aqu. La tradicin con la Navidad nos tratan con compasin y difundir el amor en todo el mundo mediante el intercambio de regalos.Aquest tema pot ser molt polmic per als pares. Tanmateix si amb moderaci i controla adequadament, nens poden realment beneficiar se i aprendre dels jocs en lnia. Diversos jocs en lnia sn presents per a nens. Allison had tried to control Al’s anger by giving in to him. When that didn’t work, she tried just walking away. But nothing she did had any effect on Al’s controlling behavior, and finally Allison decided that she didn’t want to live this way anymore.

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